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This is my companies main site although it does not get the attention it deserves as I am always busy on other sites.

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BBC Engineering information  Click for more

The aim is to record the working atmosphere and the many achievements of BBC engineering between 1922 and 1997. The web site focuses on BBC Engineering Division, but it includes references to engineering activities throughout the BBC as well as relevant external organisations. Other material is also included if it is likely to appeal to people who have an interest in the core subject.

Tony Crakes site

Over 22 years I accumulated quite a few photographs......

I wish I had now taken more! This lot only really came to light when I was scrabbling around in the loft looking for a stopcock! In 1992 I bought a video camera so some of the pages are composed from stills. A lot of the prints had faded or gone very curly, especially the Triangle ones.

Mike Jordans web site Click for more

These deal mainly with people and things about BBC OBs and include memories from some of our more 'revered' staff, odd OB Comms 'funnies' and lots of pictures of the last days of Outside Broadcasts at Kendal Avenue before the move to Langley.

Virtual Museum of Television Cameras   Click for more

It is my hope to make this site a valuable data resource covering the technical details of all the European and American television cameras that have been used for broadcasting or have some other special feature.

Falmouth Live  Click for more

I have a web cam looking over Falmouth harbour from our holiday let.

Download photo

This link should allow you to download this picture

BBC VT Old Boys

Chris Booth runs the site about everything BBC VT and it is well put together too!

John Nottage’s site  Click for more

  I've taken a few pictures in my 40 years with the BBC.

They're not chronological, just in the order I'm finding them in the cupboard!